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The Little Things Matter the Most

We are committed to making sure our patients feel their best. Suzanne was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over time, her cancer metasticized and caused fractures in her bones making it impossible for her to walk more than a few steps. She was unable to get up the stairs to her second floor bathroom to bathe. When you have a terminal illness, sometimes it’s the simple, everyday things like taking a relaxing bath that can make the biggest difference.  


Suzanne’s hospice team worked together to find a way to get Suzanne the benefit of this simple pleasure. With the help of the Seasons Hospice Foundation, Seasons ordered her an inflatable tub. The team threw her a “Spa Day,” complete with wine, cheese, and her favorite fruit. Her husband Dave sat by her side while they talked about how they fell in love, were married for 18 years, divorced for 7 years, and then found their way back to each other right before Suzanne was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They cried, laughed, and sang songs together. Suzanne has since passed away, but the team felt so honored to have been able to grant her wish and provide these lasting memories for Dave.


This legacy project is a perfect example of what the hospice philosophy is all about. Hospice not only offers patients clinical care like pain management, but is also able to provide emotional and spiritual support that families need most when facing the end of life. Through our specialized quality care, we see many of our patients and their families experience a better death than they might in an ICU or hospital. Hospice helps patients and families focus on adding meaning to the days they have left.