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Joses Ever Growing Love

For José, there was nothing better in life than his family and a homegrown tomato. He loved spending hours in his garden tending to his vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes, watermelon, and fresh cilantro were just a few things you would find ripening in his backyard. After José passed away, his family wasn’t able to tend to his garden, and eventually it began to wilt away.

José’s family knew that this garden was his pride and joy, and it brought happiness to not only José’s life, but theirs as well. With help from Cara Perkins (Music Therapist) and Michael Richardson (Music Therapy Intern), José’s family was able to bring life back to this garden through planting rose bushes and creating stepping stones that symbolize “stepping” into their new life as a family. Gardens, just like grieving and bereavement go through many cycles and stages before blossoming with beauty. The family is planning on maintaining José’s legacy by adding more flowers to the garden and continuously tending to it for years to come.