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Something Blue

Kimberly sat protectively by her mother Janet’s bedside in the Houston assisted living facbility where she was dying from acute renal failure. Her mind wandered to her wedding that was taking place in two days. Kimberly had always imagined her Mom there to help lace up her ivory dress, pin the delicate veil lightly in her updo, and offer a handkerchief to pat her tearful eyes as she took a first look in her wedding gown. These thoughts filled Kimberly with trepidation and questions she didn’t know the answers to. As she was preparing to start a new life with her husband-to-be, she was also saying goodbye to the biggest part of her childhood—her mom. Should she leave for her wedding in Las Vegas? How much should she share with her two sisters about her mom’s imminent condition? How was she going to say goodbye?


Our Seasons Houston team pulled Kimberly aside and answered all of her questions and eased her anxieties by helping her understand her mom’s condition. Janet’s music therapist, Priscilla Wiggins, started playing Janet’s favorite songs- creating a safe space for Kimberly to hold Janet’s hand, express how much the whole family loved her, and tell her that her family would be okay if she passes.


Janet was lying weakly in her hospital bed, and Priscilla knew they didn’t have much time left. She wanted to create a legacy project for Kimberly before her mother passed. She took Janet’s hand and painted it blue. Careful not to bump her IVs or spill any paint on the stark white sheets of her bed, she pressed Janet’s hand onto a plain white handkerchief. Even though her mom wouldn’t be there on Kimberly’s wedding day to present her with “something old” or “something new,” Janet would now be able to give her “something blue.” Kimberly was tearful as she looked at the handkerchief and expressed that now she would still be able to hold her mom’s hand as she walked down the aisle. Just two hours after the legacy project was completed, Janet passed away.


As a nationwide team, our Seasons family is strong and extends beyond state lines. When Kimberly flew to Las Vegas that weekend to be married, the Houston team wanted to make sure she had the support she needed during a difficult but celebratory time. They reached out to our Las Vegas site to let them know about Janet’s passing and Kimberly’s special day in their city. On the day of her wedding, team members from Seasons Las Vegas called Kimberly to offer their support while she was preparing to get married. Kimberly couldn’t thank our teams enough for their support in Texas, as well as 1,427 miles away in Las Vegas.