About Seasons

Seasons Hospice logo

The Story of Our Logo

Our mission “to honor life and offer hope” inspired the Seasons logo. At Seasons, we have witnessed the heavy burden patients and families carry as they navigate the complexities of fighting a terminal illness. The dove—a universal symbol of peace—illustrates the peace we seek to provide our patients and their families. As they leave the curative approach to medicine and embark on a palliative plan of care, we are able to lift much of the burden, signified by the branch held lightly by the dove. The simple box surrounding the dove symbolizes the sense of security and support our hospice team offers our patients and their families throughout this important passage. Finally, the box is broken by the dove’s wing, a reminder that Seasons is always pursuing out-of-the-box solutions and working to find creative and meaningful methods to care for our patients and their families.

Seasons Hospice brings innovative and creative solutions. We are proud to be called the "say yes" hospice. Together, we find a way.